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At Glusing & Muher, we have demonstrated experience in all workers compensation practice areas, providing full legal services for outstanding workers compensation collection cases. Our attorneys have experience with these claims from the plaintiff’s and defendant’s side, and are passionate about helping those who have become injured on the job through the negligence of others.

Glusing & Muher serves the greater Baltimore area for collection of unpaid workers comp bills. Our staff is knowledgeable, hardworking and experienced in all sorts of workers compensation claims. Whether you need help with a workers compensation insurance company not paying bills, you have been denied for an existing claim, or you have multiple unpaid bills that need legal attention, we’re here to help. Read more about our services, then schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with one of our legal experts.

  • Workers’ Compensation Collection Services – If you have unpaid medical bills or are fighting with an insurance company who is refusing to pay bills, we can help. We offer full service collection of outstanding workers’ compensation medical bills for health care providers throughout the state of Maryland. From ensuring that all paperwork is submitted properly and on time to advocating for clients before the Maryland Commissioners, we can help you get money from unpaid workers comp bills.
  • Legal aid for medical treatment or vocational rehabilitation as part of your workers’ comp package – If you become injured on the job, your employer must pay for any and all medical treatment. If you are injured to the point that you are no longer able to complete your job, your employer must pay for you to receive vocational rehabilitation. We can help you obtain vocational rehabilitation or reimbursement for medical treatment should either be necessary.
  • Adjustment of workers’ compensation benefits – If your injuries worsen over time, or if you need long-term disability benefits because an injury did not improve, our lawyers can reopen your case with the Workers’ Compensation Commission. In this situation, you are well advised to seek legal advice because the lawyers for the insurers or your employers may be hesitant to approve your claim.

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