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When you have been seriously injured, discussing your situation with an experienced injury lawyer is the best way to protect your rights. You will probably have a lot of questions.

With years of experience defending hundreds of corporations and individuals in workers compensation and automobile accident cases in bench and jury trials throughout the State of Maryland, I have had unique experience in working injury cases. Now, as an attorney representing the injured, I am able to use those experiences to successfully represent my clients.

  • Personal Injury: While the majority of injuries occur in automobile accidents or on the job, Glusing & Muher, LLC handles almost any type of injury read more >
  • Workers’ Compensation: Having worked as an attorney for an insurance company, I am keenly aware of the tricks played on unsuspecting injured workers in order to deny or reduce an insurance company’s obligation.  Workers’ Compensation laws are very complicated… read more >
  • What to Do After a Vehicle Accident: Ten tips to follow in Case of a Vehicle Accident read more >

Contact us today to discuss the circumstances of your injuries. Knowing your options is the first step in protecting the rights of you and your family. Get a free consultation with an experienced Baltimore auto accident attorney.

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