Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Speeding or negligent drivers, poorly designed highways, and lack of awareness about the rights of motorcycles – these are just some of the reasons why motorcyclists have such a high risk of accidents.

Motorcycling has taken off in the United States over the past decade, as disposable incomes spiked, and a promotion of the motorcycling culture contributed to an increase in the number of motorcycles. However, the freedom of riding the highway on two wheels does come with its share of risk.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents
Some of the biggest dangers facing motorcyclists are:

  • Negative motorist attitudes towards motorcyclists – very often, accidents are caused because motorists may believe that motorcycles have no rights on the roads.
  • Intoxicated or inattentive motorists
  • Poorly designed highways – roads with sharp turns, steep curves and unexpected turns are deadly for a motorcyclist.
  • Negligent motorists
There are reasons why motorcyclists may be at a much higher risk from negligent motorists than from drunk or distracted drivers. Motorists need to be more attentive and look out for motorcyclists. A motorcycle has a much narrower frame, and therefore, it is easier for a motorist to miss spotting a motorcyclist until it is too late. Many motorcyclists are hidden right behind the vehicle in a driver’s blind spots, ensuring that the motorist never sees the motorcyclist until it is too late.

Besides, motorcyclists may be at a much higher risk of certain traffic and weather conditions that may not impact motorist safety at all. For instance, rainy or stormy weather conditions may make roads slippery and wet, increasing the risks of skidding.

Whatever the cause of the accident, a motorcyclist is at a much higher risk of suffering injuries in an accident, compared to the motorist involved. Wearing a helmet can somewhat limit the impact of injury, but a motorcyclist can never rely completely on his helmet to protect him from serious traumatic brain injury, and even death.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident
  • Make sure that you get high-quality medical attention.
  • File an accident report.
  • Be very cautious when dealing with your insurer. Do not sign any release forms, or any other kind of documentation until you’re spoken to your attorney.
  • Avoid giving any statement to the insurers, or assigning blame for the accident. Sometimes, motorcyclists end up blaming themselves in the confusion after they have been involved in an accident. This can impact the accident claim.
You may be eligible for compensation even if you have been partly to blame for the accident. Speak to a lawyer to ascertain your rights.
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